Why can’t kids tie their shoes???

Is it a lost art? Velcro has made life so much easier… but I really think we should allow Velcro up until age 3 or 4, then learn to to tie and buckle. We can meet Velcro again in our sunset years when arthritis and other aging complications prevent us from seeing our feet regularly.  In my career I’ve taught so many to tie their shoes, often with adaptations based on their physcial or cognitive challenges but now the typical child doesn’t know how.  I have a fantasy that if others that share my frustration will chose to pick just one child to teach, we would make a dent in this crisis! Teachers, parents, PE teachers and coaches alike would be grateful.  Kids are ready around 5 or 6 years old (some earlier).  My first challenge to you all is to spend a little time teaching… google shoe tying and you’ll come up with a gazillion tricks, language and songs. If the guy for Planet Fitness can do it, shouldn’t today’s child be able to? “Bunny ears, bunny ears….”


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