“Kids today”…

I remember when my parents or grandparents used to use this phrase as a starter for a negative comment or just use it reactively with an exclamation point. Mind you, I was a product of the 60’s and they probably had a right to be shocked at all that went on!  When I see a child at a restaurant calmly playing a video game on a phone or iPad having no interaction with the rest of the adults and kids he is with, I shake my head and say “kids today”. When I ask an elementary, middle or high school student what they did to enjoy the weekend weather  they often respond “I played video games all weekend”, I shake my head and say “kids today”. When I pull out an old board game such as Ready, Set, Spaghetti, Trouble or Booby Trap, and the child says something like, “oh, this is board game, what do you do to play it, do they have it on the computer?”, I shake my head and say “kids today”. Yes, kids are different today, but isn’t that expected based on how our world is so very different from just 10 years, 20, 30 or 40 years ago? Sometimes it is so easy to point a finger at the parents, technology and even the kids themselves. Here are my questions…What are the basics of being a human being are we letting go of? How much guidance are caregivers expected to give? How do we protect our kids from things that might be too adult for them? Is the obesity problem connected to much more than just eating fatty foods? I have my idea of the missing links…what are yours?  Please consider joining me to discuss these issues…there are many. As a OT, my passion is to reach out to “kids today” and their caregivers and to give them strategies to enhance their lives and their wishes for life.


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