Today I walked …

Today I walked a couple of my dogs. The first, Tootsie a spry, happy 2

 year old that must smell everything, zig, when I zag and go at Mach 5. My second walk was with my Tiggie, who is now almost 12 years old and blind. I enjoyed both and realized they were a lot like kids. One that goes so fast…interested for a minute but truly curious, the other plodding along, willing to stop and smell an interesting smell for awhile.   How often have you worked with a kiddo that seems like they aren’t paying attention but truly are in the moment, but just for a moment. Or the other child, who needs more time, who takes a longer moment to explore, plan and act upon whatever task is  at hand. I know I’m in the job I’m in because I love both types. I love the busy, hurried and scattered child who doesn’t plan and also love the child who thinks, contemplates and savors long moments of interaction. Teaching both calls for patience, timing and celebration of how the process of a task carries itself.  What kids do you work with, what’s your temperament and how does that mesh with the kids you are trying to  connect with? Have you ever heard of the DISC program…? it is an interesting way to look at personalities. Dogs are not kids and kids are not dogs but approach to tasks can be compared…lets cut a break to each…



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  1. Mary
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 15:58:30

    Thanks for this sharing and love engaging with children of many personalities and temperaments. I continue to be taught by each of them.


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