I’m back from my self induced sabbatical…

Ok, I feel a bit guilty for taking the summer off and then a bit of a procrastinater for not restarting this blog when school started. But alas, I forgive myself as I’ve spent lots of time thinking, daydreaming and creating.  One thing I’ve thought about was saving time.  By saving time I can create time to do the things I want to do. As teachers and therapists we often spend lots of hours prepping and planning. Of course there are many day to day things we can do to make our life more streamlined such as…filing things away once we are done with them, handling mail just once (I often pull out the trash as I go through the mail now,  in my house Obama and Romney are wasting megabucks with their flyers) or allotting time for emailing versus on a catch as catch can basis.  From that I also am back to practicing a habit of penning in my droid some fun stuff I look forward to. It doesn’t have to be a weekend getaway (although that would be nice) but things like a free hour to read, watch a program (I’m loving Doc Martin right now) or whatever suits my fancy at that moment. Ok maybe I’ve convinced you to do that for yourself or perhaps you already do.  However, what about our kids in a classroom all day??? Are there moments to be creative, to kick back, to daydream?  Most classroom teachers don’t think to schedule those moments (and in reality, that’s all they have to be). By adding some lightness to the curriculum teachers may see an overall improvement in wellness. Less stress provides for better learning and reflection on what has been taught. I am currently working with a teacher that provides a few minutes of “me time” daily. I love the concept which really allows for that reflection but also gives permission for the student to just be in a moment of non-demand…a mini sabbatical if you will. Is it possible to provide sometime in  “a hammock”  in school?  Any thoughts???


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