Welcome to When You Wish Upon a Child! It is my wish that this site will stimulate conversation about today’s child and the challenges of raising and teaching them. I also feel that this site may be a forum for support, a place to share ideas and a place to celebrate the development of the 21st century child.  Sharing humor in the classroom or funny stories of interacting with kids is something I can never get enough of. Their view of the world is so fresh and amusing. I am of an eclectic mind and am a firm believer in common sense. I welcome a myriad of opinions and hope all that contribute can challenge themselves to be open to a variety of perspectives. I’m still learning and hope to continue to throughout my career and lifetime. And now for basics of my bio…my name is Tere Bowen-Irish and I have practiced Occupational Therapy for over 34 years, in both psychiatry and school system service delivery.  I have my own private practice and consult to a variety of schools as well as see children privately.  I am a certified Yogakids facilitator and use yoga as a modality in my practice.  I have published a book for children of all abilities called Yoga and Me, Come be a Tree. In the last 12 years I have been lecturing across the USA to educators, therapists and parents and throughly enjoy meeting new people who work hard everyday for our kids. I am the author of the Drive Thru Menu Suite, which is program  of exercises and strategies for teachers, therapists and parents to use with their children in school and at home. My website for more information about my publications is www.allthepossibilitiesinc.com

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